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At Escape Room Races, team building is our specialty. With over 10 years of large corporate event experience, we will impress you with our logistical skills. Our escape room challenges are extremely flexible and work for any venue, group size and event.

What is an escape room?
With over 2500 escape rooms in the US now, this adrenaline-fueled experience has become extremely popular.  A typical escape room takes place in a permanent location (a small room that can host up to 10 guests at a time).  Guests are locked in the room and must solve puzzles to get out within 60 minutes!


How is Escape Room Races different?
Not only do we take this concept outside the confines of a traditional escape room, we put a competitive spin on it that creates the perfect team building environment.  The group is split into teams and each team gets one of our seriously cool escape room boxes, containing all of the fun and mysterious elements of an escape room people love.  Teams will be high-fiving and strategizing as they compete to be the first team to finish!


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