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About us
Osagie House is a family run business which specialises in national relocations. We focus on short & long term accommodations for people within professional sectors such as healthcare, construction, pharmaceuticals, banking, education and IT among many others.

We specialised in providing expert service to our clients, we offer well presented and attrac tive accommodations. All of our properties are specifically designed to meet your personal needs, and to ensure that all of our tenants have a comfortable home and stay with us!

We work closely with letting agents, companies and our strong power team go above and beyond in fulfilling our promise to our clients of ensuring the highest level of service. Osagie House specialises in Service Accomodations (SA), Home Multiple Occupancies (HMO), Rent-to-Rent, Commertial Convertions, Land Developments and Lease Options therefore, we are perfectly placed to assist you with your relocation needs. For more information about our services, please enquire on the form below.

We also use a simple 7-step formular armed with strategies to enable our investors to benefit from a highly profitable property portfolio.

Osagie House is regulated by the Information Commissioner Office and registered with the Companies House and is fully insured.


  • Osagie House Ltd

    6 - 20 Employees 2021 - Current

    My name is Eki, i am one of the co founder of Osagie House Ltd. We are a relocation agency working
    with companies in the local area to rehouse their professional employees. Service accommodation. Rent to Rent.HMOs . Commercial convention property investments and many more. We’d be
    happy to use your Company Let Agreement and guarantee rent for between 3-5 years. We really love to work with Joint Ventures to achieve financial freedom, where you make money whilst sleeping
    Please feel free to contact us for any questions and enquiries

Education History

  • Diploma in Adult Nursing

    Greenwich University
    2005 - 2009

    I  am a Registered Nurse with 11 years experience  in Hospitals. Dubai. Nursing homes. Self  employed and been very fulfilling caring for the vulnerable. It has been my pride. However  to achieve financial freedom, have come to the point  were my passion in professional investments needs to be reborn 


Mentee under Duplex Relocations Company 

Clubs and Associations

Following loads of great  Entrepreneurs in Club house. Facebook .Instagram and many more 

Interests and Hobbies

Travelling. Audio reading. Networking in Property investments 

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