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We invest in coaches, authors and experts to add £50k to £200k/month to their business in 60 to 90 days from the day we start. No upfront on their part whatsoever. we’ll fund it 100%. Manage it 100%. And we only take a percentage after the money comes in. 


We would 100% fund the addition of a new profit centre to your business. The first profit centre we add is our PhoneLess Enrolment Team (PET) to enrol people into your premium programs from your existing email and/or direct mail lists without picking up the phone. 


In short, everything needed to enrol your prospective clients and customers into your premium program(s) through your PET. 

Note: We would NOT fund expenses involved in DELIVERING your program or service. After they enrol, you take over :-)

Specifically, we (100%) fund the startup and ongoing expense with:

• Surveying prospects and clients, including complete survey analysis.

• Offer framing, positioning, testing.

• Funnel and copywriting development.

• Training, hiring and project management.

• All direct mail postage, copy and mailing services.

• Email marketing for your offer.

• FB Group monetisation (future profit centre).

• Live chat salespeople.

• Ongoing management of all the above so all you have to do is SERVICE your clients.


We are NOT looking for equity in your company. We’d simply want a revenue share of every pound WE bring in for you (and to be paid on time:-)) The revenue share percentage varies between 30% and 50%.

However, by taking advantage of our expertise and experience in packaging and positioning offers, our partners often come out with more net profit than before partnering with us.

Here, let me show you...

Let’s say you’re selling a £5000 a year program, like a mastermind, we help to position it more attractively and expose more of the benefits, THEN we offer (and sell) the program for £10k a year. So it looks like this:

BEFORE Partnering with us: £5000 gross revenue

AFTER Partnering with us: £10,000 gross revenue less 40% (£4000) = £6000

While without knowing your specific offer, we can’t promise you this now, but our team have done this so many times, in so many markets, this is “old hat”.


We're looking to invest in and partner with coaches, authors and experts who have PROVEN expertise, know they’ve got a fortune locked up in their email, direct mail, FB group audiences, but want to focus on servicing their clients rather than adding more campaigns, hiring and managing salespeople, writing emails, etc. 

Most partners are likely ALREADY successful on one or two marketing channels such as Facebook or may even have a powerful sales team…

This is perfect. We are not looking to “improve” or take away from what these partners are already doing, but simply to ADD an additional profit centre/channel to their business with zero financial risk on their end and without adding to their already crammed business schedule and to do list.

It’s crucial we partner with someone who understands the value of WIN WIN and won’t get cranky when we BOTH make a LOT of money. 

We are damn good at what we do, we love making a difference by unlocking the potential from people’s audiences and we are the only people on the planet who does this the way we do. 

Modesty withstanding…

When we bring in an additional £50k - £200k a month in revenue for a partner, who has had to do nothing extra for that dosh, we want someone who is OVER THE MOON (not grumpy) to pay us our agreed percentage of the revenue share. (There’s a lot more where that came from!)

If a partner goes all Tight-Wad on us when it’s time for them to send our share, we won’t be partnering for very long. 

With that said, while we’d love to help everyone, here are some assets we need to start:

✔ You must have at least 2 years of experience in delivering your expertise. 

✔ You’ve must have an email list, direct mail list and/or FB group of BUYERS, not just prospects, but BUYERS…and they are HAPPY with you. Happy buyers are the BEST PROOF your stuff works:-)

✔ You’ve already got an offer in the range of (ideally) £1k to £10k or more. 

✔ You must be okay with us doing 100% everything TURNKEY for you. In fact, we don’t just request this freedom to do our thing, we demand it. We want you to relax, do some yoga or have a beer, while we enrol people into your program. You’ll need the rest because soon you’ll be working extra hard delivering your service to a lot of new clients. We’ll need access for our team to come in and do what we do. 

Partners who are in “scarcity” mode or control freaks about giving access to email lists or customer lists won’t be a good fit. 

All money will go into YOUR merchant accounts and we track as if we were an affiliate. You will pay us from there, but we handle all the tech, funnels, live chats, etc. Again, we demand this because it is in BOTH our best interests to not have your team and my team “clashing”.  


Do You Require Money Upfront? 

No. We are truly investing money, time, years of expertise and more in your business. We do however require a £3k “first monies back”, which means we recoup £3k of our investment first (after the money is in your account) and then our revenue share agreement kicks in…

To be clear, if we “bomb” and do ZERO sales, you don’t owe anything. (But this is highly unlikely.)

What If I Don’t Like Working With You After We Start? 

No problemo! We’ll set up our partnership as a “first date” to begin with, where we run a trial campaign, make some money together and we get to try each other out. If you enjoy staring into my eyes across the candlelit table THEN we’ll decide if we should “go steady” or part as friends.

What Exactly Is A PhoneLess Sales Team (PST)? 

Our team have been enrolling clients and customers into £5k to £60k programs without phone calls, webinars or videos for partners since August of 2015.

We use the written word via email or live chat to PRE-SELL and sell prospects into your programs.


In short, we’ve developed a system for pulling out the effective elements of the ‘webinar to discovery call’ process, so we can just use the written word to enrol clients into premium programs up to £60,000.

We typically do this in 3 steps in a process we call the T3 System.

T1 is pre-selling and getting HAND RAISERS.

T2 is qualification.

T3 is offer, answer questions and enrol.

We can “deploy” our T3/PST from email, direct mail and FB groups. In fact anywhere there is an audience. 

How Do I Know The PhoneLess Sales Team Will Enrol Clients Which Are A Good Fit? 

I’m delighted you ask! First, we’ll get really clear on who are and have been, your BEST clients now and in the past.

Then we’ve got client qualification and selection down to a science, in the way we ask questions and read IN BETWEEN the lines on how and in what manner people respond. 

(We also check FB profiles and more.)

Like any qualification process, including our partners doing their own strategy sessions over the phone, once in a while, we may let a “not so good” apple through.

Our goal is long lasting partnerships and they can only work long-term if we deliver quality, so our focus is on treating your business as if it was our own.

I’ve Got A Question Not Covered Here? 

That’s to be expected. There are a few details like handling refunds, timing our campaigns so they don’t conflict with yours, etc which I more than likely have the answer to, but is different for every partner.

Happy to handle them if it makes sense to move forward. 

If It Makes Sense to Move Forward? Here’s What to Do Next…

I’d be surprised if you didn’t have questions you need answered before making a commitment. 

But, if it makes sense so far, and you meet the qualifications above and want to move forward…

Just send me a message
I’ll answer any questions and I will have a bunch of my own:-)
If it makes sense to go on a “first date” we’ll set it up!





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