A multi-award winning company, we specialise in sales and sales management training, helping individuals and businesses reach their personal and professional goals, taking them from where they are, to where they want to be.

We position our training at 180° from traditional sales, so that common frustrations over free consulting, or spending too much time and resources on a proposal, become obsolete. We give you, in your sales role, freedom to take charge of the situation.

Q. How do we guarantee great results for our clients?
A - We cheat! We only choose to work with people who are committed to their success, determined to do what ever it takes, and have the intellectual humility to explore new ideas. The material, delivery, coaching and the system takes care of the rest.

Q. What process do we have for ensuring our program will be suitable for you?
A - You will get the opportunity to first meet with Sandler clients, talk to organisations that already know us, as well as experience what we do, for yourself. We also will introduce you to appropriate assessment tools to help us determine for which programme you will be a good candidate, if any.

Q . How do prospective clients start the process?
A - It starts with a phone conversation. Call Tony Goodwin on 0843 886 7650.

Why Commit to Sales Training that's Challenging, Rigorous, and Never Ends?
Because you can’t master a new attitude in a crowded conference room between morning coffee and a quick lunch. Your success in sales is earned by committing to undergo a change, a growth and an evolution over time.

That's how our revolutionary Sandler Sales training works - over time, through gradual incremental growth and development - through our unique program of training, coaching and reinforcement. Once you’ve taken our training, you have a sales coach for life.

Sandler breaks the conventional rules that make the sales process ineffective and demeaning. We teach honest, no-nonsense sales techniques that get results while preserving the sales professional's self-respect. Prospects are treated as they want to be treated: as intelligent, thinking individuals; and the prospect NEVER controls anyone who masters the Sandler Selling System.

Following leads. Making cold calls. Negotiating prices. Closing deals. Anyone who says selling is easy has never tried it. With decades of success among the nation’s most admired companies, our sales development programmes offer real-world tools for high-performing salespeople.
Our non-traditional approach to sales will challenge your sales force to work smarter, streamline processes and grow your business. And with specific training geared toward sales management and senior corporate leaders, you’ll find proven ways to build and expand your client base.

Be forewarned, though. Just like selling, our sales force development is tough. But for those with courage, smarts and the desire to succeed, we’ll help you get to the top.

We will change your attitude. We will change your behaviours. We will teach you new and innovative techniques. You won’t fail because we won’t let you.


Working historically at director level with large multi-national manufacturers, we found the Sandler process gave us more predictable results and made the process more enjoyable.

It restored dignity , increased self esteem and motivation.

Now we help others practice the Sandler system, focussing much of our energy with those who find selling uncomfortable. We speak with credibility and authority, and authenticity. We practice what we preach. We train and we sell.


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