After 30 years in the corporate world as an HR Director leading shared service centres which delivered HR and payroll services to local authorities and many large private sector organisations, I have recently changed direction to set-up my own commercial cleaning company. It is amongst the best decisions I have made. I am working hard, but having fun and I am proud to be part of a fantastic team.

I now own and lead the Yorkshire-based operations for Ecocleen Services Limited (trading as Ecocleen) - a national company which has been delivering great, eco-friendly cleaning services to businesses since 1994. Find out more about us in the company profile or via our website at


As you might expect given my professional background; I have people skills and extensive knowledge of employment legislation (although having people skills isn't an automatic condition of 30 years in an HR role!).

Having led operational service centres for so long, within challenging SLA and change environments, much of my expertise lies in operational delivery and customer service, which is crucial in my new role. Inherently, I hate poor customer service, sloppy standards and apathetic attitudes and am determined that my customers won't ever have cause to level those charges against me or my team.


  • Ecocleen

    Regional Director
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Interests and Hobbies

Apart from my family, my passion is wildlife. Over the years I have been privileged to visit nearly 60 counties on six continents supporting initiatives which protect our natural environment and the wildlife within it. I have been blessed enough to watch hundreds of thousands of Wildebeests migrating through the Masai Mara; tigers in India; great whales in Alaska; penguins in Patagonia; condors soaring over the Andres; endemic species on the unique Yemeni island of Socotra; lemurs in Madagascar; Duck-billed Platypus in Australia; albatrosses off New Zealand; Black and Grisly Bears in Canada, Three-toed Sloths outside my bedroom window in Panama and Great Dusky Swifts plunging into the spray from the mighty Iguazu Falls. I have been truly fortunate.

Although I hope my worldwide adventures may not be over; these days (when I'm not happily giving my time to my customers) you're more likely to find me at Swillington Ings in southeast Leeds, watching Bitterns, Avocets, Black-necked Grebes and other amazing wildlife of the British Isles.

I love eating out (any cuisine) - more than is good for my waistline - especially with my beautiful wife Janet and my wonderful daughters, step-daughters and their partners.

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