Hacks for your Cover Letter

Hacks for your Cover Letter

Want to get your application noticed and get through to the interview stage? I GOT YOU!

1️⃣ Research into the most recent cover letter template

Most people just grab the first template they find online, which usually is  out of date and makes them look old fashioned. 

2️⃣ Personalise the header 

Try not using “To whom it may concern” - instead replace this with “Dear hiring team” as sounds more personal. If a name is available to you, use that.

3️⃣ Don’t include where you saw the add

They know where they posted it and you are wasting valuable space.

Don’t add responding to your add….

4️⃣ Don’t summarize your CV

If they want a summary of your degree, courses and experiences, the employer will look at your CV.

5️⃣ Use storytelling

Tell them why you love their company, why you want to work for them and how your values fall in line with theirs.

This is called a ‘Disruptive cover letter’ because if does not fall in the old fashioned format and instead presents you as a person, a team member and someone they can relate to.

Using this format will also help you close the gap if you do not have the degree they are particularly looking for or all the years of experience they would like.

Remember - the employer is looking for someone to be capable but also someone who is a good cultural fit, who can thrive in their company and personally and professionally develop.

If you found this valuable, then share it with someone who could use this help and drop me a message for a chat!career
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