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Alexis Bernard Communications Specialist

Peter created and delivered customized training to Technology professionals on understanding Business Requirements. He spent considerable time investigating the culture of our organization so that the training provided would be relevant and practical. Peter is an astute listener and a creative professional who is an expert in his field.

Srini Vasan

Project Manager

Peter worked in my team as a senior Business analyst. Peter gathered requirements and documented them for the team. Peter was responsible for utilizing a new methodology, which the team was not familiar with and had not received training in. Peter brought all the required communication and teamwork skills required for the task and was very patient and flexible in bringing the team along and taking the effort to closure.

Marla Brus

Enterprise Project Management Office Manager

Peter is a gifted educator and trainer who does an amazing job at introducing new concepts to others in a meaningful way to learn! He puts great energy and care into making sure his students learn effectively. It is a real pleasure to watch him in action!

Maria Esteves

Director of Training

Peter has been our lead course developer/trainer/consultant for Systems/Business Analysis and Project Management for over 17 years. Always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that he understands the client's needs and delivers what he promises. Peter is respected in the industry for his work and we are proud to have him on our team.

Kyna Alders

Environmental professional

Peter is a highly knowledgeable project manager with an expertise in agile development. I certainly enjoyed working with him and appreciate all that he did to help us develop system requirements and undertake an agile project in a waterfall culture. It was a truly Herculean effort.

Andrea Brahms

Senior Project Manager

I'm a raving fan.
I first had the opportunity to work with Peter as our organization established a business requirements methodology. Peter stepped into the effort and gave the team clear vision, active collaboration and partnership that drove results.
I watched peter coach senior leaders to facilitate decision making at a time when critical decisions were urgently... needed. I was in awe as i learned how to better communicate this new concept to multiple audiences (different functional groups and different levels within the organization). I also remember how he could coach me and others to improve our skills through example, suggestion and demonstration.
Also a great teacher and practitioner of Agile, our organization benefitted from his expertise at a time when Agile was just beginning to spread into the mainstream of our IT department.

I'd heartily recommend Peter for his expertise and skills!

Ed Stahlman

Senior Business Analyst
Peter was hired to implement a methodology to capture business requirements and succeeded. The methodology was easy for the Business to understand and robust enough to adequately capture the requirements. He is also a great instructor and helped staff learn many concepts around software development and project management. Finally, he is fun to work with. I highly recommend Peter

John Cardascia
Sr. Director

I have been both a student and contractor of Peter's training services and his manager. Peter did a wonderfully effective job of developing and implementing a full business requirements methodology. He was able to define and adapt an approach that accommodated the unique concerns and interests of the culture but delivered high quality results. Peter also developed and delivered training on requirements development, requirements elicitation, system analysis and project management that uniformly received extremely positive reviews and results. Lastly, Peter did an outstanding job of developing his direct reports to provide valuable mentoring and coaching support for the staff. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Peter in the future.

Workshop and Seminar Feedback
Samples taken from actual feedback forms

“This was very useful, I found myself wanting to run right back to my office and put what I was learning into effect” Cass Nedblake, University of Missouri

“Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful with clarifying questions, good real world examples” Sue Higgins, Macy’s

“I really enjoyed Peter’s class. He made me see that I have a lot more knowledge than I realized. I loved how he performed the exercises before assigning them to you.” Stephanie Chiocca, Northern Trust

“Peter was an excellent instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed him and his teaching methods. His examples were real and he was easy to understand. He was also eager to help if needed and was very good at explaining all of the material” David Long, Progressive Insurance.

“Excellent experience, way more useful than I thought it would be” Mike Schreiber University of Missouri

“In 15 years here at

- September 2018
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