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I had no idea what this survival weekend had in store for me. I had heard of other weekends which were pretty chilled maybe challenging in some areas. Usually hyped up as a ‘manly weekend’ of drinking beer and throwing axes. However, this weekend is entirely different. It was a weekend of pure pain, sleep deprivation, physical exertion, mental and physical fatigue and some true life lessons told to you, unabridged.

My weekend was made worse by sinking thigh deep into a bog on a night orienteering task. I had a choice, wear soaking wet clothes for the even harder tasks for the next day or sleep deprivation trying to dry my clothes. I wont tell you what I chose, but I can say I had to dig really deep to get through it.

Others, who at the beginning were strangers helped me and in return when they needed it, I helped them. We got through as a team, its amazing what Nick was able to put in front of us and with his guidance enabled us to excel at the tasks we were given.

This is a hard, gruelling, uncomfortable, unforgiving bitch of a weekend and I’m already looking to see when I can do it again.

It was a great team building experience. I would highly recommend any team which needs to learn to understand each other better or for any individual looking to find out a bit more about themselves at the limit of their body and mind.

A fantastic life experience and one I won’t forget.

- February 2020
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