• Project Management
  • Work-winning support
  • Bid support
  • Strategic planning
  • Business growth support
  • Interface Management
  • Organization building
  • De-bottlenecking
  • Logistics oversight
  • Procurement oversight
  • Mentoring


Hi there, welcome to Pinpoint Management Consultants profile page.

Pinpoint Management Consultants was set up to establish innovative working relationships with Clients.

This means not just providing tools and knowledge that will ‘make a difference’, it means encouraging Clients to think similarly and so add value to their businesses.

Innovation in this context means:

  • ‘Out-of-the-box’ thinking.
  • Working closely with Clients to provide and promote lateral thinking in everyday operations.
  • Strategic guidance.
  • Concept provision, promoting news ways of thinking, to solve challenges and so optimise business processes (see also below).
  • Getting ahead of a Client’s competitors in bidding work and thus optimising work ‘win rates’.
  • Improving interface management & client relationships.
  • Showing how to demonstrate to a Client’s client why they need to work with your business and not the competition.
  • Defining, setting up and executing projects from cradle to grave.
  • Other needs…?


The first of Pinpoint MC’s concepts, ‘MODC’ or ‘Management Online Drop-in Centre’ was rolled out recently. This concept provides:

  • An innovative pricing system for the provision of added-value solutions (initially free).
  • A means for a business to engage online to resolve a client’s key business needs.
  • An online means of establishing a long term relationship, for the benefit of all.

Below is the ‘banner’ Pinpoint MC uses via email communication:

Need help with your business, don't know where to turn?  Try MODC, a new way of getting support for your business (

Please visit ‘ home page for full details of other services offered.

What’s your business challenge? We can help!

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully working together in the near future.

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