What are your career drivers?

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What are your career drivers?

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There are nine major career drivers and unless your top three are satisfied by your working environment you won’t find the motivation to do anything. 

However, even if they are satisfied you won’t keep going unless you’ve cultivated the habit of persistence. 

So what are these nine drivers and which three are your main motivators? 

1. To be in control people and resources; Power. 
2. To provide me with financial reward; Materialism. 
3. To be allowed to make my own decisions; Autonomy. 
4. To give me a feeling that my future is secure; Security. 
5. To develop rewarding relationships with others; Affiliation. 
6. To be respected for my job title and position in life; Status. 
7. To be recognized as a creative and original thinker; Creativity. 
8. To make significant achievements using my expertise; Expertise. 
9. To do something that is of value to me, society or humanity; Meaning. 

Find a working environment that satisfies your top three and combine it with persistence and you’ll become unstoppable!

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