Social Media for todays recruitment

Hargreaves Recruitment Recruitment Consultant
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Social Media for todays recruitment

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How times have changed from the way we source candidates!

When I was a young pup first starting out in recruitment, print media was one of the biggest methods of attracting candidates and I was also heavily reliant on candidates walking in on their lunch breaks to register for work as I was based in Leeds City Centre.

Now I spend the majority of my time home based, use LinkedIn 100% of the time throughout my working day and I also use Facebook for some of the European positions I have to source candidates for.

Social Media is now my go to for finding candidates and if you aren't using it as a business I would highly recommend it! If its not something you understand or have done before and want to give it a go then pop me a message through and i'll more than happily give you some hints and tips!
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Hargreaves Recruitment Recruitment Consultant

Hargreaves Recruitment are an independent recruitment agency based in the heart of Yorkshire. As experts in specialised commercial recruitment and talent management, Hargreaves Recruitment knows how…


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