Are you recruiting and developing the most SUITABLE people for your business?

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Are you recruiting and developing the most…

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How would you know?

If you would like an easy-to-use, reliable predictor of an individual's suitability for a role in 
your business, whether it be sales, administration, customer service or managerial, read 
more below and contact Sim Goldblum at maxpotenti ltd. for a no obligation conversation!

We have helped many businesses address challenges in the areas of recruitment, team 
creation and development and reducing people turnover.  

Our observations into those challenges can be summarised into the following:

  • The business’ leadership does not demonstrate a clear vision of its future direction, does not ensure that all members of the team understand and behave in line with the vision and is unclear as to the sort of behaviours that are required - staff are therefore unsure as to what is required of them and the "career" becomes a "job".
  • When a vacancy occurs, management is not clear as to what specific role is to be recruited.  When a team member leaves, should they automatically be replaced?  All alternatives should be considered, ranging from no replacement to a full restructuring of the team to meet the further direction of the business more effectively
  • The recruitment process is haphazard, relying either on networking (I met someone at an event last night) or we'll hire the first one who can breathe and is available - usually a recipe for disaster!
  • Interviews are unstructured, generalised and lack accurate probing of the candidate's true behaviour, style and background.
  • Induction is unplanned, brief at best and not tailored to the individual's learning style, leading to a rapid tail-off in the new person's commitment to the practice.
  • In-post training and development is unstructured and often regarded as a poor investment, with little implementation of personal development plans to meet the real needs of the individual.
Even if your business avoids all of the above pitfalls, it is challenging to separate a 
candidate’s “experience”  - skills, aptitude and habits learned in good/not-so-good 
companies - from their attitudes and behaviours.  Even more, many “personality profiles” or 
assessments are not work-related and while a useful addition to the armoury, will not give 
the business leader or HR Manager the comparative behavioural profile for your 

If the benchmarked profile for a role has 10 essential traits, including for example - precise, 
helpful, takes initiative, analytical, organised and systematic - how would you evaluate a 
group of candidates? 

How would you decide how a less experienced candidate would/should fare when 
compared to one with more experience?  

If those are some of the traits required for a successful role, how would those for a 
customer service differ, or an operational or administrative manager? 

Would they be different for an SME compared to a micro-business?

Would you be able to develop a training/coaching programme for your people, if you and 
they could agree on a current state, compared to a preferred state, without using technical 

Would your team benefit from recognising in a non-biased way, why they are not 
performing as well as they could?

Contact Sim Goldblum to learn how you can remove uncertainty from your people selection process, improve your team performance and provide them with the personalised development and growth opportunities that they need.

maxpotenti was established by Sim Goldblum, an experienced businessman, trainer and educator, 
to help businesses make the most of their people and their businesses. Sim has a deep 
understanding of how businesses, large and small, function effectively, as a result of 
many years working for Ford of Europe, ultimately as Director of Product Planning, and as Director 
of Business Development.

Sim put much of that experience into play as a board member of several companies, and as a 
Non-executive Director of a large NHS Hospital Trust, helping the Trust to achieve Foundation 
Trust status.

Sim has used those same skills in the dental sector, and finds it deeply satisfying to see the 
personal and business transformations that take place as a result of the unique university 
accredited education and training courses that he has led, as well as through his consultancy with 
individual businesses.

Now, as a Solutions Partner for Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions, Sim can provide 
businesses with the tools to recruit, develop and retain the right people; he can provide accredited 
flexible leadership style training to management teams. and provide advice and access to business growth and finance to ensure long-term growth can be maintained
  • Business Consultancy
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Job Profile
  • Assessing People
  • Business Improvement

Sim Goldblum has a deep understanding of how businesses, large and small, function effectively. As both Director of Product Planning and Director of Business Development at Ford of Europe, Sim led…

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